The Unknown Movement
A History of Anarcho / Peace Punk in California
1982 - 1989
- Anarchism
- Animal Rights
- Benefit Shows
- Bread Not Bombs
- Campus Organizing
- Collectives
- Communal Living
- Community Organizing
- Demonstrations
- Direct Actions
- D.I.Y. Record Label
- D.I.Y. Tape Distros
- Fanzines
- Flyers
- Food to homeless people
- Gatherings
- Interviews
- Political Prisoners
- Rare Photos
- Stories
- Street Protest Art
- Veganism
A book about the 80's youth movement with step by step organizing information,
stories and the mistakes that we have made.  A book of memories, joy, anger, love
and the fun times we had.  I'm working on this book right now.  
Looking for old lost friends from the 80's.  If you have any ideas and suggestions
please contact me.  

Anarcho Punk Protest photo gallery from 1984 in Orange County:
(click on 1984 , 1985 and 1987 buttons)

Contact the author  Mr.Lee email:

Update news from Nov.25, 2009:
# Means need help tracking down these folks.

Protest Bands:
-Another Destructive System
-Armistice (1984 band)
#-A State Of Mind (looking for Robbie)
-Atrocity (SF)
#Bitter End (looking for Nathan)
#Blind Justice (from Tustin.  Looking for Tim or Rob)
#Body Count (1984 band looking for Rick or Don)
-Media Children (1988)
-Nature Core
-Pollution Circus
#Sleeping Dogs
Photo by Joe Henderson
Check back next week for updates.  Sound bite - Tammy from Nature Core interview recorded November 2009

Anti Establishment
#Bought the Farm
Dreams of Tomorrow
Gutter Press
Humanity W.
#Pressure Zine (looking for John)
System Opposed Zine
#Time To Unite (looking for Tammy)
Why Zine

People I'm searching for:
#Gabby from Long Beach
#Pat from Faction of Mercy
#Ron Gould or anyone from
Creative Anarchist Network
#Tim from I.M.W.U.
#Steve from United Anarchist Front

-Anyone who took photos at
Freedom Day Picnics

I'm sure that I left many things out so
let me know.