Panel Discussions (all taking place at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater)

1PM-2PM Authors Panel

2PM-3PM Political Prisoners

3PM-4PM Indigenous Resistance

4PM-5PM Student/Worker Occupations




"Dual Power and Modern Anarchism”
By Harjit Singh and Adam W.
(A – Vista Area)

"We’re still here, we never left"
By Revolutionary Autonomous Communities
(B- Video Room)

“A far-too-short overview of the German Autonomen"
By Raoul Guingouin
(C- Gallery South)

(D- Theater Garden)

“Anarchist Urban Planning Theory”
By Olympia Tveter
(E- Jr. Arts Center)


Authors Panel
(Barnsdall Gallery Theater)

(A – Vista Area)

“Anarchist Posters and other images”
Display only, no discussion
By anonymous graphic compilers and Center for the Study of Political Graphics
(B- Video Room)

“Anti-fa Caucus”
(C- Gallery South)

“Guerrilla Gardening and Permaculture from/for the Anarchist and APOC community”
By Nicole Celaya
(D- Theater Garden)

“Radical Mental Health”
By Jaimie
(E- Jr. Arts Center)


Political Prisoners Panel
(Barnsdall Gallery Theater)

(Grassy Area reserved for large crowd gathering, as follow-up discussion space after Authors panel)

“Anarchist/ Radical Parenting”
By Kaley
(A – Vista Area)

“H2-A worker abuses in the Colorado Sheep Industry”
Film and discussion by Confluence Media Collective
(B- Video Room)

“Meet the Workers Solidarity Alliance”
By Tom Wetzel
(C- Gallery South)

“Emergency Response Network”
(D- Theater Garden)

“Veganism: Reducing oppression the nutritious, healthy, low-cost way”
By Matt Ruscigno
(E- Jr. Arts Center)


Indigenous Resistance Panel
(Barnsdall Gallery Theater)

Political Prisoners
(Grassy Area reserved for large crowd gathering, as follow-up discussion space after Political Prisoners

(A – Vista Area)

“Hands Off Oakland Rebels” a short film abut the Oscar Grant rebellions.
By The Oakland 100 Support Committee
(B- Video Room)

Anarchist Archives/ Institute for Anarchist Studies
By Andrew and Cindy Milstein
(C- Gallery South)

(D- Theater Garden)

“Revolution and Health: anarchists working in health care as nurse, EMTs, doctors, street medics, etc.”
By Rebecca
(E- Jr. Arts Center)


Student/Worker Occupations Panel
(Barnsdall Gallery Theater)

Indigenous Resistance
(Grassy Area reserved for large crowd gathering, as follow-up discussion space after Indigenous
Resistance panel)

“Radical Queer Politics”
By Byron
(A – Vista Area)

“Radical Sexuality” a discussion about the state’s regulation of sexuality, bodies, desires, relationships
and the subversiveness of Radical sex culture”
By Kate
(B- Video Room)

“Pirate Radio”
By Marco
(C- Gallery South)

“Artists” To Be Confirmed
(D- Theater Garden)

“Finding Autonomy within the Birthing Industrial Complex”
By Toi and Rebecca
(E- Jr. Arts Center)


Student Occupations and other Radical Proposals
(Grassy Area reserved for large crowd gathering, as follow-up discussion space after Student
Occupations panel)

“Earth First!”
(A – Vista Area)

“Strikes, Occupations & Rebellion: Greece, South Korea & the Global Class War”
Films screening and post-panel discussion on Worker Occupations
By Insane Dialectical Posse
(B- Video Room)

“A discussion on the so called fixing of school budgets and the privatization of prisons”
By Critical Resistance
(C- Gallery South)

“Youth Workshop” To Be Confirmed
(D- Theater Garden)

“Radical Feminist Anatomy” the history of radical feminist women’s health movement, followed by and
exchange of natural health tips for women.
By Pati Garcia and Carol Downer
(E- Jr. Arts Center)

(Time and Locations Vary. Please see whiteboard at bookfair for details)

“Tree Climbing Workshop “
By Earth First!

“Martial Arts/ Self Defense”

“Live Art”
By Fishe

“Food !! “
By Food Not Bombs

By Los Angeles Childcare Collective

“Bike Kitchen Mobile Workshop”
By the Bike Kitchen