Interview with Paul (aka Oddy)
bass player from Broken Bones.

On the Broken Bones 'Without Conscience' CD booklet you added some list of gun violence history that took place in
America. Why was this important to you?

I think that the people who die from needless gun violence is very alarming. Here in the UK we don't have the easy
access to them like in the US, it's why I support the 'Stop the NRA' campaign over there. I wanted to make people
aware of the situation although they don't need it because guns are everywhere in the US.
How long have you been playing the bass guitar and what year did you join Broken Bones and Conflict?

I've been playing Bass for about 24 years now.  I joined Broken Bones (I think) in 1983 & joined Conflict in late 1985.

Broken Bones first came to Los Angeles in 1984 and then you guys were here couple years ago touring with Total
Chaos. What changes have you seen in the American Punk scene.

It was 1985 in LA, and last year with Total Chaos. There haven't been many changes in the scene there.  It seems to
me like a new younger generation have taken over now. There are more kids into the punk scene than in the UK. Now
you get the older people mixed with the younger ones which is great.

In England hunting got banned. How did this happen and what actions did the animal rights groups took? Was this by

It was voted in the government buildings. When the present government got re-elected, they promised a ban on
hunting foxes to get more votes. The ban is very vague, and there is a lot of loopholes that the hunters get around.
The Hunt sabbers are making sure that they don't break the law and getting everything onto video for evidence to give
to the police.

Can you tell us about the "Time for Anger, Not Justice" CD compared to your early releases.

We all think that it's the best we've done so far. My personal opinion is that it's better than Dem Bones.

What do you look forward to on this year British Invasion?

Just looking forward to showing what we're good at and that's playing hardcore punk. also, playing to
a bigger and wider audience, and you can't forget Ezzats birthday too! (this interview was done before the British
Invasion show and it got broken up during Broken Bones set)

Any suggestions or ideas to the young punk kids who wants to form a band?

Get your own sound, your own identity. If you like a song you write then go for it.
Broken Bones live 1984 - Young Paul Oddy on bass