When did you graduate and what degree do you have now?

I graduated in June of 2005 from California State University, Los
Angeles with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I also have
a background in Fine Arts (painting and drawing) from my
undergraduate experience. I’m currently in a graduate program for
Communication Design at the California College of the Arts in San
Francisco and am anticipating to complete my degree in 2009.

How did you get all the art shows here in L.A.? Any advice on
unknown artist about getting shows?

I basically got into art shows in LA by luck and through the
kindness and opportunity given by friends and friends of friends.
My first exhibition outside of school was through my friend Marilyn
who is a photographer that is currently studying at The School of
Visual Arts in NY. She asked me to be part of a group show, and to
put in some of my paintings.
The curator of the gallery saw my
work and asked me to be part of
another show. It kind of went on
from there. I got asked to be part of
more shows through friends and
people who have seen my work.
Having your work online helps too.

Someone wants to ask a classmate
out on a date do you have any good

If you want to ask a classmate out? I’
m bad at dating, but I would say
establish a friendship first and see if
you two “click” and get along as friends first before asking them out
on a date. If there is chemistry there, going out usually comes about

Any good pick up line on asking an artist out?

Artist pick up lines? Haha…. I don’t know. Do be polite and inquire
about their work. Don’t offer to model in the nude for a personal life
drawing session.

Any advice on poor kids who wants to attend college?

Economic hardships can make it more difficult but shouldn’t stop you
from pursuing an education. Apply for grants and scholarships from
government, private, public, and non-profit organizations. Also apply for Financial Aid, Cal Grant,
and if necessary Student Loans. You can also do work-study jobs at the school or university
that you plan to attend.