Avalon Organics Wrinkle Therapy - This is a day cream you can put
on your face if you think your getting too old.  All organic non gmo
ingredients.  I bought this because it says it improves skin texture,
smooths fine lines and restores elasticity.  This product is very useful
for me because I am in chlorine water at the pool and it drys up my
face.  And it makes my skin feel smooth.
Naturtint Naturally Better - A plant based permanent hair color. In the
past I have used regular hair dye and even the cruelty free ones had
a strong smell of chemical hair dye after the wash. This product does
not have that strong smell and it stays in much longer and covers all
gray.  All natural and not tested on animals with ingredients of
natural origin.  You can get this product at Whole Foods or any local
health food store.  http://www.naturtintusa.com/
Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell Science - My hair has been
damaged for many years from hair spray and using soap to style my
punk rock hair.  I am very surprised that I did not go balled.   What
this product does is fortify hair fibers, amplifies hair texture,
stimulates the scalp for hair growth.  I just put this on my scalp at
night and massage it into my hair  and go to bed.  It's color safe, non
gmo, and cruelty free.  You can get this at a health food store.