DIY FESTIVAL - Saturday, January 13, 2007
From 1pm - 6pm.  $3 Donation
( no one turned away for lack of funds)
Southern California Library for Social Studies & Research
6120 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca. 90044
(Between Slauson & Gage Ave - off the 110 Freeway)  Tel (323)759-6063
Driving                                  BUS
Car-pool, take the bus with friends
or ride a bicycle to the DIY Fest -
Ride safe bring a bike light.  This
event is over at 6pm so people can
take the bus back home.
                            Self-Defense workshop by Javon
                          (3rd degree Black Belt).

                       Javon and his friends will show          
                        basic street fighting self defense         
                        techniques and take downs.  If           
                        your attending this workshop wear     
                        comfortable clothes or bring a            
                       gym bag and you can change in the
library bathroom.  If you study martial arts feel free to
bring your Ki (uniform ).  This workshop is not just     
                                             about fighting.  It's      
                                             about discipline,           
                                             avoiding violent           
                                             confrontation, staying  
                                             street smart and using  
                                             violence as your last     
                                             resort.  Self defense
from 1 on 1 street combat to group fights.  
Activist lawyer Panel
A panel on legal issues and
open questions on "Ask
lawyers anything".
Punk Rock band panel:
         This panel is about giving ideas to people              
          who are interested on starting a band.
         Information on getting signed to a label or             
          starting your own label,tour experience,finding a
good promoter or organizing your own benefit gig, and
there will be open questions after the panel.
Band member from:
Phobia, Total Chaos, 7 Generations,
Resist and Exist, and Autonomy.
'At last year's DIY fest Matt
discussed the appropriateness of
vegan diets, this year he will explain
in more detail creating healthy vegan
meals.  The last half of the
workshop will be a question and
answer session.  
Matt is a Registered Dietitian who works in Public
Health nutrition and teaches Health in the community
college system'.
Vegan Health and Nutrition
$1 Kissing Booth to rasie
money for political prisoners  
(Shac 7).

Come and kiss Clyde, Nate,
Stephanie, Elyse, Will and
Recycled Earth!  by Daisy
The workshop will look at various
ways of making soil by using
common household waste such as
newspaper, cardboard and raw food
Community Organizing Panel
Joaquin from Cop Watch
Daisy from CaRacol
Market place.
Taco from Black Riders
Liberation Party
        In the first part of the workshop, we              
         will introduce ourselves and play a game         
         of RADICAL M.A.S.H
      I will discuss my experiences as some
      one with a fairly extensive history in DIY
communities and activism (primarily in communities
with young women of color).   We will look at how
the need for using collective models of direct action,
consensus and movement building and reflection
merged with the ideas specifically around
independent media and journalism. TOOLS will be
given/handed out in order to further create posters,
diagrams, models and zines of what the ideas might
look like. LOUDmouth is a feminist magazine project
of the Women's Resource Center at California State
University.  By Irina
Yoga, Meditation and Stress release workshop
by Ralf and Jang
This workshop is dealing with depression like death
in the family, relationship break up, financial
problem, and lonliness. A workshop about healing
our mind, body and soul.. There will be an open
discussion at the end of our workshop.

     If you would like to enter
     the dating game email Tricia                           
Know Your Rights workshop by
Youth Justice Coaliton and Cop
Watch Los Angeles. Cop Watch
Los Angeles will be giving a
workshop on how to organize a
Cop Watch Patrol Unit in your
                I will be discussing animal rights               
                 and about making the transition                 
                 from vegetarianism to veganism. I             
                 will also be promoting direct action,           
                 the undercovers at our gatherings & my
encounters with them, and discussing how I feel we
should not be afraid of the consequences of our
actions to protect the innocent or be afraid of our
government but that our government should be afraid
of us.  By Elyse
Animal Liberation Press Office
The North American Animal Liberation
Press Office (NAALPO) was formed in
2004 to respond to the mainstream
media's uncritical reporting on animal liberation
activities. The Press Office takes a proactive stance to
communicate the actions, stategies, and philosophy of
the animal liberation movement to the media and the
public. Many of these actions are illegal under a
current societal structure that fails to recognize the
rights of non-human animals to live free of suffering,
but validates and promotes the "right" of industries to
do whatever they want to animals for profit. Within
these conditions, those in the underground working
for animal liberation often cannot speak out directly.
Nevertheless, their actions and message is urgent and
deserve to be heard and understood.
There will be a discussion on Anarchists People of
Color and creating a revolutionary strategy and
revolutionary organization facilitated by Revolutionary
Autonomous Communites, a revolutionary organization
that Cop Watch Los Angeles works with and is part
of. RAC (Revolutionary Autonomous Communities) is
a federation of oppressed communities and community
councils, working to build liberated zones.  It is an
anti-imperialist organization with a horizontal structure
(anti-authoritarian).  It is made up of oppressed people
(people of color all around, working class, women,
queer, unemployed) and hopes to build a revolutionary
movement in our communities, through building
autonomy, self-determination, self-organization and
self-defense through different means, as incommunity
Much more to come.  
Check back next week
this web site is still
under construction

If you have any questions email
The Youth Justice Coalition is working to build a
youth-led movement to challenge race, gender and
class inequality in the Los Angeles County juvenile
injustice system. We want to tear down a system that
has brought the massive lock-up of people of color,
widespread police brutality and corruption, total
disrespect for youth and communities' Constitutional
rights, and the build-up of the world's largest prison
system. We use direct action organizing, advocacy
and activist arts to agitate, expose, and annoy the
people in charge in order to upset power and bring
about real change.
Reyna from Chuco
Justice Center
Come early to this event and get
your library card and check out
some radical  books at the library.  
The library opens at 10 am.
A Festival full of workshops, skill
shares, discussions and fun.
Where we teach, share information
and exchange ideas.  This is a
great time to network, organize
and meet new friends.
                      Workshop by Anti-Racist Action --
                       Building direct action and community
                       self-defense against organized white       
                        supremacist and fascist groups.
Learn  more about the extent of racist violence in
southern California and how to combat it. Share
information about local nazi, white-power forces,
including inside prisons and police agencies. Build
solidarity against anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-Black and
anti-woman reaction.
Sex education workshop by Sam Sunshine.  
More info coming soon.............
Pamelyn from
Animal Defense League
Political Prisoners / POW
+ open discussion + support
letter writing workshop
by Marisa from
Black Cross.  (please bring  
pen, paper, and extra stamps
to this workshop)
Table set up by -  Activist Store, Animal Defense League, Mass Media Records,
Steadfast Movement Distro, Vicente the Merch Guy's Tape Distro.
Thank you everyone for supporting this event.  To check out some photos and listen to
the audio files click on this link: