Hollywood Farmers Market:

This goes on every Sunday from 8am - 1pm.
Featuring over 150 vendors, and live music by
local artist. Theirs no address because the
streets are blocked and the vendors set up the
booth. Cross streets are Ivar Ave and Salma
Ave. This is the best spot to go grocery
shopping for organic produce. The place gets
packed around 11am so it's a good idea  to get
there early. For more info about this place you
can check out

this web site: http://www.farmernet.com/
Five reasons to Buy Local
1. Local produce tastes better and it’s better for you.  A recent study showed that fresh produce loses nutrients
quickly. In a weeklong (or more) delay from harvest to dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and
produce loses its vitality. Even in California, produce may have traveled surprisingly far to get to your grocery store.
Food grown in your own community was probably picked within the past day or two. It is crisp, sweet and loaded with
2. Local food supports local farm families.  Fewer than one million Americans now claim farming as their primary
occupation (less than 1%). Farming is a vanishing lifestyle. And no wonder: the farmer today gets less than 10 cents
of the retail food dollar. Local farmers who sell directly to consumers cut out the many middlemen and get full retail
price for their food - which means farm families can afford to stay on the farm, doing the work they love.
3. Local food protects genetic diversity.  In the modern industrial agriculture system, produce varieties are chosen
for their ability to ripen simultaneously and withstand harvesting equipment. Shippers demand produce with a tough
skin that can survive packing, transport, and a long shelf life in the store. Only a handful of hybrid varieties of each
fruit and vegetable meet those rigorous demands, so there is little genetic diversity in the plants grown. In contrast,
local farmers that sell direct to you or direct to your local restaurants and grocery stores grow a huge number of
varieties selected because they have the best flavors, provide a long harvest season, and come in an array of
eyecatching colors. Many varieties are heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation because they taste
good. These old varieties contain genetic material from hundreds or even thousands of years of human selection.
They may someday provide the genes needed to adapt to a changing climate.
4. Local food preserves open space, and supports a clean environment.  As the value of direct-marketed fruits and
vegetables increases, selling farmland for development becomes less likely. A well-managed family farm is a place
where the resources of fertile soil and clean water are valued. Good stewards of the land grow cover crops that
prevent erosion and replace nutrients used by their crops. Cover crops also capture emissions and help combat
global warming. In addition, the patchwork of fields, hedgerows, ponds and buildings is the perfect environment for
many beloved species of wildlife. That landscape will survive only as long as farms are financially viable. When you
buy locally grown food, you are doing something proactive about preserving the agricultural landscape.

5. Local food is about the future.
By supporting local farmers today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow, and
that future generations will have access to nourishing, flavorful and abundant food.
Look for the Central Coast Buy Fresh, Buy Local label and taste the difference!
Support Local Produce Farmers:
                                                 Soul Vegetarian at the Hollywood Farmers Market

If you love soul food you will love the Soul Vegetarian food at the Farmers Market. And the food is all vegan. They
have the best macaroni there. I go there every Sunday for lunch. You can have them put  anything on the plate like
spaghetti, bar b que tofu, kale, corn bread, rice and beans etc.. And they even have vegan desserts. All Soul  
Vegetarian products are made from the highest quality organic kosher ingredients and contain no animal or dairy
products. Friendly and good customer service.  You can read more about them on this web site: