GBH originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, initially known as
"Charged GBH", to avoid confusion with a band similarly named, later
dropping the prefix after it was discovered no other band existed.   The
name Charged GBH is derived from the British legal phrase, Grievous
Bodily Harm.  Their first album, "City Baby Attacked By Rats", was released
in 1982 to critical acclaim and it's follow up, "City Baby's Revenge",
released in 1983 fortified the typical GBH sound - noisy and distorted
hardcore punk rock.  All through the 80's and 90's GBH continued to
release records and tour the world. GBH have toured everywhere,
extensively in the U.S.A., through Mexico to Brazil and Argentina, from Israel
and across Europe to Poland and even in Japan. Bands like Metallica,
Nirvana, Sepultura, Slayer (who covered "Sick Boy" on their recent punk
covers C.D.) have all cited GBH as an influence.  2002 sees the release of
a new album "Ha Ha".  In 2006 of this year they did a US tour and SOS
records re-released "Punk Junkies" CD.  This short interview was done with
the vocalist Colin on 2006.  
Are you all vegetarians?   Was it for health reason or animal rights reason?

Only Jock and myself are veggies (Ross is a total carnivore and won't eat vegetables!  He has to have at least 2
pound of raw meat per day) I never really ate a lot of meat before I was a veggie (must be 10 years or more now) I
do it partly for health reasons and partly for animal rights.  I heard once that the average American by the age of 30
will have 10 pounds of undigested meat in their stomach, that just did it for me.

You recentley played with Conflict in England.  How was the show?  Was it strange playing in front of Anarcho Punk

We draw all sorts (vive le difference).  The Conflict show was great and don't forget when we first started we toured
with Discharge a lot so we were used to Anarcho crowd.  They are not as fierce or overly political as people think
they are.

s this the original line up?

Well we went through a few drummers.  They all seemed to leave to get married (or were asked to leave).  
We also fired our management as they were nothing more than common thieves and drug dealers constantly ripping
us off.  We are much happier now we run ourselves.

What was  the best GBH gig?

There has been so many it is impossible to choose one in particular.  But one memorable one was when we played  
Belgrade just before the war.  It was touch or go weather we got into the country at all, we were stuck at the border
for a few hours. The Hungarian Mafia offered to smuggle us in, but I didn't Fancy that as we may have never been
allowed to leave!  At the last minute we got a phone call to say it was O.K.  When we arrived at the venue about
2,000 kids were waiting  outside and went crazy when they realized the show was gonna go ahead.  
These people virtually had nothing but were so hospitable to us.  It restores your faith in human nature.

What make you still going strong?

Life constant struggle and the reasons from the question above!

You guys sell GBH skateboards online.  Can you do any tricks?  Any favorite skaters?

The only trick I can do on a skateboard is fall off!  Outlook skateboards offered to make some GBH boards and as
we are up for most thing we said "O.K."  I have heard of Tony Hawk.

What do you look forward to on this year British Invasion show?

The whole event really.  To meet old friends and make new ones.

(Sadly GBH did not play the British Invasion show due to the big riot - check out these classic GBH videos.)