december 2006 - I dont have the dates for these photos.

CaRaCoL MarketPlace - Community Organic Garden
Organic produce
Daisy with her kid
Friends for 14 years - this is Chauch - "power to the people"
chuco Justice center
Joaquin from Cop Watch
Reyna from Youth Justice Coalition
This is Diana and she goes to this church that worships
Allah, Budda, Jesus, God ect..  Some strange church for
hindus, muslims, christians and every other religion.
me and diana
we are friends and we love to make out! i miss you please call me  :(
this is me kicking back at dianas pad.  i'm hungry please feed me
her art work
diana is an angel.  we used to meditate early in the morning.
one time she invited me to her pad and we meditated with her
friends for 3 hours  ...
Visiting Diana