Saturday, October 24th, 2009.  From 1 pm - 9 pm.  $5 Admission
- PM Press (from Oakland) seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and non-fiction
books, pamphlets, t-shirts, visual and audio materials to entertain, educate and inspire
you. We aim to distribute these through every available channel with every available
technology - whether that means you are seeing anarchist classics at our bookfair stalls;
reading our latest vegan cookbook at the café; downloading geeky fiction e-books; or
digging new music and timely videos from our website.
PM Press web site:

- Quiver Distro (from Santa Cruz) Anarchist publishing and archiving.

- Yerberia Mayahuel (All natural healing body care products made simply with 100%
pure essential oils, locally harvested organic herbs, healing prayers and love).  
healthy living and is dedicated to preserving and rediscovering traditional
forms of healing using Earth’s natural medicines. We are an independent business
working at the grassroots level to address the lack of access to traditional and alternative
methods as well as green spaces that contribute to individual and community health.

- Vegan Goodies Catering is a DIY business.  We use all-natural, all vegan ingredients
in our foods- never any animal products (this means no eggs, dairy, honey, or by-
products) or pre-prepared foods. All our snacks are made on-site, following strict
sanitation standards and safely prepared foods. Our baked goods are made prior to the
event by Sorcha, who's currently a student at Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts
working towards her associates in Patisserie and Baking. Once again, all baked goods
are made with good sanitation practices (she's even servsafe certified!).  We both love
what we do and want to help you make your event as delicious as possible! Don't hesitate
to ask us any questions!

- Vegancitas has been up and running for 1 year now, supplying the Inland Empire with
tasty, cruelty-free treats.  Specializing in  cupcakes, cookies, and tamales, Vegancitas will
convince anyone that vegan food is not only good, but can be enjoyed without harming
animals.  By - Melissa Martinez

- Cucci :   Cucci throws fun, educational sex toy parties and workshops that build a new
culture of sexual ownership and body positivity. We recognize that sexual health is
imperative to overall health and well-being, and emphasize sexual health by empowering
folks with information, quality toys, and the resources to get what they want.
(Cucci is run by Feminist Womyn)

- R.A.C.  (Revolutionary Autonomous Communities)  

Anarchist Black Cross (literatures, dvd's and books)

- Black Riders Liberation Party

- Chula Doula Bodywork and Birth Services, This table will have information on
natural healing modalities, self-help gynecology, pregnancy and birth support via doulas,
and midwifery information. There will be a mini-library for your perusal, information sheets
for free, and information about Chula Doula's services.

Scorpion Connections (Radical Books, CD's and DVD's)

Alabrava (Vegan Soy Chorizo)