1) Can you tell us about Bone Breakers and how many punks are involved with the organization?

Bonebreakers academy was established in 2007, by 5 street punks who used to practice kung fu on the streets. Now the academy has grown
tremendously. We have approximately 1000 students of which 10% are true to the heart punks.

2) How did you get involved with martial arts?

Being born into the human failure in the 3rd world, I immerse myself in violence and I had to learn how to defend my self and my little brother. By the age
of 8 years old I stared taking kick boxing classes. Due to jealously problems between my dad and my teacher, I was forced to quit. Later on when I
turned 14, I got Involved with a group of punks. That's where I met my mentor Raul Senk, who was wild and a tough punk from the J.A.R. Collective.
Latter on we decided to do the crossover to MMA...

3) A lot of punk bands you listen to have anti-war songs, how do you respond to people who say what you're doing is violent?

"Destroy what destroys you”

Of course that is violence, the revelation is through the violence against the system's limitations (e.i. religion, politics, education, social stereotypes, etc.)
The martial arts are the human spirit's tool to prevail the physical integrity to defend against the abuse, the injustice, violence, etc…

The martial arts is a great opportunity to take an introspective look and to fight and defeat the "ego." There is no martial arts without philosophy!

4) How have you changed since you got into mixed martial arts?

It created an internal revolution and evolution to "Love."

5) What's the punk scene like in Mexico?

Punks in Mexico are true hardcore. In the third world, punks have a different scenario. We don’t have government support, food, education, or any other
social advantages like other countries do.  
Due to my professional career, I had to distance my self from my punk scene, however there are people still living and making the punk culture grow.
Interview with Augusto Montaño
6) How did you got a fight in the UFC?

“ True Love Fighting”

I proposed myself short term and long term goals and I fought with all my strength, time, dedication and specially with all my love, to accomplish this.  My
goal was to fight with all my heart without any expectation or receive anything in return.

7) Tell us a bit about your martial arts back ground?  

I started training Kung Fu “JIP DO” from Grand Master Pau Kar Isae and Enrique Lozada who founded the Chinese Culture university in Mexico.

8) Who has inspired you the most, and why?

My older brother who introduced me to the Punk community.
When I was a kid the only thing I dreamed of and wanted to be was to be a Punk. Punk because they defeat all: my dad's and my neighborhood
violence, break the fear of god, because Punks had incredible music that I identified my self with, without knowing why.
Nowadays my most high inspiration is my younger brother who is also a UFC fighter!

9) What are some good punk bands to listen to while you're working out?

The Exploited, Masacre 68, GISM, Discharge, Lobotomia, Rattus, Crucifix, Energic and violet Punk, etc. Too many to mention them all!

10) Any advice for beginners who want to be in good shape?

Fight to improve your nutrition, stay away from bad influences, and system problems (i.e. Drugs, TV, alcohol, etc.) also gangs with bad influences and
drug related issues.
Throughout my experience and professional career I have found out that the Martial Arts are the true and absolute Punk.
Punk had Music, Literature, Clothing, Philosophy but never a sport like now it does with the Martial Arts.
Any sport is good. However, if you are Punk you must practice Martial Arts.
Augusto when he sang for a punk band