Interview with Montserrat Conejoa Ruiz (Bunny)
1) How did you first get into Animal Liberation and how long have you not
ate meat?

1. At the beginning it was because I went to live in  another city. Meat was
not a food I found in my new town. I also started to pursue a better
education and I slowly became more and more aware of the cruelty of the
animal industry and the way we treat animals, and I got to the point where I
became an ethical vegetarian/vegan firstly, and then having an intention
for the health benefits as well secondly later on. I have been
vegetarian/vegan for 1 year and 2 months now.

2) What made you want to do MMA and what is your fight record?

I was a part of the juvenile national wrestling team and practiced wrestling
for 5 years. I was injured in a competition that rendered me unable to
compete in an important tournament. I retired from wrestling to recover,
and decided that wrestling was not my passion. I wanted more. So, the first of
December of 2014 one of my old coaches from wrestling invited me to a
seminar of MMA in my home town Leon Guanajuato. There, I found my new
dream and passion. My record is 6-0-0

3) What is some good punk rock music to listen to while your working out?

La Polla Records, Eskorbuto, Dirt, The Exploited

4) Is it true that fighters get more injured in practice than competing? Any
advice on lower back pain recovery from Jiu Jitsu or Judo?

That's right, the trainings are pretty heavy in order to better prepare you for
the fights. You can be injured (not gravely) on occasion, because by mistake
or by excess of work. It's recommended to stretch well before and after
training, good rest and go to a sport medic in the case of experiencing
persistent pain
5) What kind of work out (exercise) do you plan?

My training plans consist of  being active, always training and always being
prepared in case any opportunity or fight presents itself.  I usually do shorter
harder workouts, conditioning, and specific strength work. If you work with too
much weight you get too slow sometimes, and if you have a fight coming up
that can affect in a wrong way in your performance. You have to develop other
parts like strategy, get to know the strengths and weak points of the other
fighter and also improve your own and develop a complete new training in
base of that.

6) What else do you do in life besides training in martial arts?

I'm an MMA instructor, and right now I am 100% invested in my career as a
fighter. Then there is music, movies and rest.

7) What is the Punk scene like in Mexico?

I'm not a punk, so I prefer others to answer that question on my behalf. I am
into punk, I really enjoy it and I learn a lot from its music, ideology and
community. I agree with many of its ideals.
8) Who is your favorite woman MMA fighter?

My favorite fighter without a doubt is Joanna Jedrzejczyk
and Nathan Donal Diaz "Nate".

9) Who are other women fighters from Mexico we should
know about?

Alexa Grasso, Irene Aldana, Monserrat "La Cabra"
Alvarez, Mely Martinez
Montserrat Ruiz  "Conejo" Fight Record from Sherdog