We are No Reform from Moreno Valley, CA. We've been around since the summer of 2003, and though having
multiple line-up changes, we've kept to our basic style and purpose. No Reform is a blend of underground punk
rock, leftist politics, and peace and love driven anger toward atrocities and injustice in our society. We play our
music to give people good music to listen to, but also to get people educated, motivated, organized and mobilized to
push for positive social change. We do not try to come out in a way that tells how you should be, but rather we
present our analysis along with facts which can then be used to draw up personal conclusions. Our lyrics mostly
deal with our ideas or how we see things, but not all are to-the-point serious. We as a band support various causes
by leafleting at our shows, hanging banners, attending and encouraging others to attend demonstrations and
conferences, and also by putting together and playing benefit shows. The broad issues we speak out on include
human rights, peace, government, revolution, violence, and animal rights(all but one of us are vegetarian/vegan). In
conclusion, No Reform is a band dedicated to two main goals: to make some music kids can rock out to, and to push
for forth positive change with dignity and respect.

We currently reside in Moreno Valley, CA, which is a city in Riverside County. When No Reform first started,
there was very near nothing of a punk scene. With a fellow punk band from the area called The Invalid 6, we
began to build up a scene very slowly by playing shows together. As our area began to grow, it became
apparent that our scene was a very cool one. We never had fights, and people were cool and polite. The scene
today is not exactly the same. Fights and near-fights are becoming routine, punk gangs are emerging, people
are bitching about having to pay at benefit shows, people talk shit on animal rights supporters, etc. The overall
spirit of the shows and the community seems to be on a downward spiral sadly. With The Invalid 6 and other
bands breaking up, there is a lack of bands in the area also. Our friends Vomit Clot, however are a new band
who have been making shows and trying to build up whatever they can. More and more kids are more
concerned with alcohol and their ego than the music or the community or the cause. As for the activist scene in
Moreno Valley, it seems very close to non-existent. We do our little part by saying what we say in our lyrics and
what we present as education (leaflets, fact sheets, speeches). There has been a few actions such as a few
animal rights demos and an anti-Nike demo that have gone in the last 2 years or so, but things seem to have
faded into nothing in the last year. A plan we hope to soon put into action is the creation of an organization
(The Community for Peace and Human/Anmial Rights). And on one last note we'd like to mention a great
organizaion based in the Riverside area call the Riverside Area Peace and Justice Action