Poetry by Vegan Peace Punk:

Everything is temporary in life.
Good times...
Bad times.....
Old age.......
Nothing lasts forever.

Our memories and photos can be a time machine. We can look back in our older
age and see how we used to look, what we loved, the friends we used to have, and
what we did in life.
The torch was passed in 1985.
The torch was ignited, although just a spark, with energy through the music,
literature, poems and ideas. We ran all night, for many days and years- without
looking back. Our friends have slowly vanished through the race without a trace.
We planted small seeds where some had sprouted but many had drowned. Yet,
some kept going. When we stopped to take a break, it had been years, and we
were now all adults, with grey hair, wrinkled faces and we aged like our parents.
Realizing the torch had not successfully yet been passed to the next generation, it’s
flame still not fully ignited. Now, it is time for the young to give the torch a flame.
Torch bearers of old, begin to move once more, even if it’s a slow and steady pace.
We are sorry that we can’t run the way we used to, but we will do our best to
support you, please carry on towards the way.
The room was packed with punk rockers.
An older revolutionary activist walks in and shouts “Would you struggle for the
Everyone says “Ya!”

“Would you die for the Revolution?”
Half of the crowd said “I’ll die for my beliefs.”

“Would you Kill for the Revolution?”
And the room stays quiet, and no one says a single word. Except, one peace punk
in the back who explained, “Sir my friends and I are not into arm struggle or over
throwing the government. We believe in revolution as a complete change, and in an
educational and peaceful way.” Then he said, “It’s alright comrade. I respect your
views and ain’t gonna put you down. The real question is would you live for the
Revolution? All your life. Even when years go by and the groups once you worked
for no longer exist? Even when your friends have all grown apart and it’s just only
you, when the whole world is against you. Would you live for the Revolution and
hold onto your beliefs, even when you’re all alone?” Then the room stayed silent

(this is just a poem to make people think it did not really happened)

An old saying; Sometimes your enemy becomes a friend, and your friend becomes
an enemy...
Study your enemy.
Get close to them.
Watch their every move, and behaviors. See how they think, they work, and what
books they read. When getting into a debate or an argument, stay silent. The more
they speak, the more you will know of your opponent. Know their beliefs, their
political ideology, and what makes them think as they do.
Study their body language, the tone of their voice, their facial expressions.
When an enemy asks why you’re calm and quiet during a debate, ask short
questions and insist they continue to speak and dissect their words. With this, you
will know more about them, and they know nothing about you.
Sometimes, understanding your enemy so closely reveals that you are your own
worst enemy, and that an enemy was never really an enemy at all. They are a
reflection of you in many ways. They too have hopes, dreams, and misguided aims.
This is why it is important to study your enemy, to avoid going to war with
oppressed people, where we don’t react to the fear of the unknown, we avoid
assumptions and misconceptions. As the Art of War, a book written in 500 B.C.
explained, a war won without fighting is a true victory.

(Sun Tzu's Art of War has been a "best selling" book for 2,500 years. It was written
during the warring states period of China around 500 B.C. when Chinese
kingdoms fought each other on a frequent basis.)
We are not a cult, a political organization, nor party. You were never bound by
If you go begin to eat meat once more or return back to the system, we cannot
judge you. I understand you may have had a hard life. Some may never really know
your personal struggle. Some will never taste your pain. Sometimes pain can
damage people, and it makes us change in unexpected ways. From understanding
you, we can thank you for who you were. We want to say thank you for helping us
in the past. We appreciate the impact you once had, and the love you shared. We
still care about you. Please be in touch with your old friends. You will always live in
our heart the way you once were, and wish you all the best, no matter what
direction you take in life.

( I would say about nearly 80% of the animal rights community I had been in
contact with during the 80’s , people I knew as friends or had been inspired by,
stepped out of activism or went back to eating meat. I’ve avoided labeling people
as being a sell outs, and have not allowed myself to be angry or upset. Instead I
have asked them questions, and listened. I would like to still say thank you for
what you accomplished in the past, and that it still influences me to this day. )
Study non-violence. Yes, study non-violence. I did not say be a pacifist- I said to
study non-violence. It can start at your dinner plate, by not eating animal flesh. Also,
study non-violence so you can learn how to get out of a violent situation at a school
campus, on the streets, in your circle of friends, your family, etc. Study non-violence
so you don’t end up hating and clashing with each other.
Study non-violence so we can all have peace.
More poems coming soon.