These were never aired on the radio.  I made a compilation cassette tape of my own home made
radio show with interviews and made bunch of copies on my double tape player and passed it out
for free at my high school, protest and at benefit shows.
These were all local bands except for A State of Mind.  They were from SF area.

Play List:
Live Aide and John Lennon by Tammy
A Solution – Poem / It’s Just a Job (from 1986 Animal Pain No Human Gain demo tape)
A State of Mind – Meat Market / ?  (live)
Anti Veal Protest : interview with Animal Rights Activist (from 1988)
Another Destructive System – Animals Inadequate (from 1986 demo tape)
Meat out Day protest at Mc Donals : Interview with Vegetarian Activist
Hunt Saboteurs Never Give Up by Tammy
Media Children – Poem / All in the Name of Ignorance (1988 live)
Poetry by Jang
Acoustic set by SETH ! (year unknown)
Iconoclast (live 1985)
Home Made Recording cassette tape radio show.  These were recorded in between 1985-1988
when I was in High School (except for SETH).