Ralf Camacho is a longtime activist and organizer who's roots trace back to the anarcho punk scene of over a
decade ago.  At age 19, he moved to Brooklyn N.Y where he was introduced to the East Coast Hardcore
Music Scene.  Now at age 29 living in the LA area again and listening to everything from conscious hip hop to John
Lennon, Ralf believes that music is progressive in content can be a tremendous agent of social change.  After what
he refers to as a dark period in his life where he battled with excessive drinking and other abusive behavior-Ralf is
back on track and living a straight-edge lifestyle.  Along with a drive and desire to bring about revolutionary
social justice, Ralf places a great deal of importance in his personal mental physical health.  With an ever
growing faith in the power of individual resistance Ralf has dedicated himself to creating awareness and
finding like minded people in the hopes of bringing about a collective consciousness based on equality and
true justice for all.

By Ralf A. Camacho

Everyday on every continent of this diminutive sphere, men, women and children are displaced, exploited,
oppressed and subjected to unfathomable horrors. The most extreme human rights violations occur in third world
countries where the majority of people have little or no say over the governing of their own lives let alone their
nations. At the root of all this suffering is a system whose primary objective is to control the world economy and
maximize profits for a few transnational corporations. Damage caused to the earth and its inhabitants is a bi-product
of the process of corporate globalization. Its time to ask ourselves what role we play in all of this.

Economics: The science of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Unfortunately this
science is designed to only benefit a small group of ruling class elites. Their role is to control production and
distribution / our role is to consume. In their never ending quest to fill corporate coffers, underdeveloped countries
are turned into vast proletariat colonies where the peoples right to self determination is a mere fantasy. Giant
corporations revel in these countries because natural resources are abundant; environmental regulations are
nonexistent and labor is cheap. The United States makes up 5% of the Earths population, yet we consume 40% of
its resources. Under the current system we are conditioned to measure success and self worth not by what we
contribute to society, but by how much wealth we can accumulate.

Media: The communications industry or profession. Like most industries, media has also been monopolized. The
term mass communications is synonymous with indoctrination of the masses. This instrument of the rich is fraught
with corporate and government ties. For example, NBC, the countries leading news agency, along with MSNBC,
CNBC and numerous news magazines is owned by General Electric one of the nations largest defense contractors.
With our mainstream media controlled by corporations, who profit from death and misery, its no wonder why we know
so much about the personal lives of celebrities and so little about the struggles and hardships of the people who
make our clothes and produce our food.

Revolution: A sudden or momentous change in a situation. Throughout the history of human kind, there have been
popular struggles and revolts against repressive regimes and institutions. Revolution is not confined to any specific
region or era. It is in essence a timeless process that serves to bring about physical, mental and spiritual
emancipation. Revolution is the catalyst for social justice.
We are at a critical point in history where the decisions we make in our everyday lives will determine whether future
generations will judge us for our inaction or praise us for having paved the way to genuine freedom and absolute
liberation. Its time for progressive thinking and revolutionary soul searching, so lets gather all our courage and
positive energy and collectively work towards the formation of a universal Apex Union.

Boris and Ralf at a
rally in downtown L.A.