Interview with Resilience
Answered by Johnny & Spyte

Tell us the brief history of your band.

We formed in 2000. It all started when I (Johnny) heard that some guys were jamming and trying to start a band, so
I told them I played bass. They said come on down. When I got there another guy was already playing bass, so I
said I play drums too. We made our first cd's all on our own, late night at Kinko's with the assembly taking place in
my kitchen. Our shirts were, and still are, printed in a backyard shed. We mailed out 100's of cd's to all of the bands
that we liked. We started playing shows and getting a local fanbase. We got a van and started spreading the noise.

Can you tell us about how you got your equipment stolen at the Key Club in Los Angeles and how this kind of
situation can be avoided for other bands.

Watch your shit, because people working at venues supposedly monitoring it don't neccesarily care and aren't
always going to do it. I (Spyte) got two guitars taken, one was custom. A lot of money and work gone.

Whats the punk scene like in Northern California? What does unity mean to you?

The scene has had its ups and downs, like most scenes I'm sure. There's been lots of house parties with venues
and warehouses popping up all the time and then they're gone. The scene is what you make it. There's new faces
coming in all the time, lots of youth and energy. Unity is having a sense of community and helping out others,
hoping they will do the same.

What are your musical influences a lot of kids are telling me you guys are Oi band.

All of our musical interests and experiences include a lot of old school punk music and oi. Josh listens to some crust
as well. The Clash has especially influenced me (Johnny), I saw them live twice.

What's you opinion about George W. Bush...

Where do we begin?... First of all, please try to keep in mind that George W. is one of the few people we can
openly see (since he is a figure head/puppet). We have
always seen presidents as a type of actor. What and who he represents is the real problem. He is a kind of rich kid
raised in surroundings of elite white wealth. Because of this, he cannot relate to the majority of the people in this
country and especially the rest of this world who is made up of
many different ethnic backgrounds and are 99% working class. Never forget that the ruling class is only 1% and
they will use any means necessary (incarceration, fear, violence, war, starvation, racism, lies, etc.) to stay on top.  
Ask yourself a question: Are they truly in power over us? Their hands and sweat have made none of what is around
you, people like yourselves and us have built this reality.
In short, fuck him and his "veni,
vidi, vici" cowboy attitude and everybody in the world like him.

Any Favorite tofu dish?

Interesting question. The band members lifestyles (eating habits, health habits) aren't really reflected much in the
lyrics of the songs. Two of us are vegetarian/vegan, the other 3 of us have an open diet. We try to and will probably
always try to keep our message a general anti-follower,anti - establishment mentality. Live how you want, that is the
only way.  Fury likes all tofu dishes, and spyte likes most of them. We have all tried these type of dishes.

Tell us about your latest release.

We have an upcoming 7 inch (vinyl) split with 3 songs from us and 3 songs from Funeral Dress, the Belgian punk
rock band, but that probably won't come out till the British invasion punk fest in 2006. Our most current release is
our 2nd full length album called "sound of strength". The new album is similar to our 1st, but it has a bit less of an
Oi feel and is a bit more street, it also has a kind of bigger sound (more ring outs in the guitars and stuff). It has a
similar mental stand point on all the social and political topics that we scream about, still the underdog versus those
in power. The sense of trying to tell people to challenge the way they think and to realize their own self worth
and individual strength has greatened with our growing frustration towards everyday american societies (and the
rest of the worlds), carelessness!!! This is obvious in the lyrics and feel of songs like the title track,"Sound of

Live at Showcase Theatre in Corona