Saturday, April 21st, 2007
From 3pm - 8pm.   $5.00
THE SMELL, 247 S. Main St.Los Angeles, Ca. 90012
(enter from the back alley)
Car-pool, take the bus with friends or ride a bicycle to this event.
You can park your bicycle inside the Smell Venue.  Ride safe bring
a bike light.  This event is over at 8pm so people can take the bus
back home. The Smell is walking distance from the Red Line Metro Station.

This is where it will start.
Where all races will meet to network, where all gender and ages will meet.
Talk to one another and plan more future events and organize.
An event where Anarcho Punk meets political Hip Hop
where Vegan Straight Edge meets Black Panthers
where Anarchist meets Communist
where Animal Rights activist meets Community Organizers
where pacifist meets revolutionaries
where Feminist meets Environmentalist
where Punk Rock meets all races and colors
In the past so many words were put together in so many different ways in so many different
times. It's about time for us to break out from the same old scene circle - Come and be part
of a history breaking event in the Los Angeles Punk scene. If you have any ideas and
suggestions let us know.


The next day on April 22nd at 2pm-
ROCK AGAINST RACISM Meeting - everyone is invited!
Open meeting on Building a Movement at:
YJC/Chuco Justice Center/Cop Watch Office, 235 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. L.A., CA. 90037
Tel: (323) 235-4243

Some of the topics we will discuss at the meeting:
-open discussion; where we can hear people's ideas and suggestions.
-Sending books to prisoners. Not just political prisoners but all prisoners.
It's not like the 60's or 70's, the political movement in prison rarely exists now.
When asked by comrades what they need the most; they always say prison support. Support
letters, updates on what is going on in the streets and
sending out revolutionary study books. (Example of such outreach: Books to prisoners).
-We need social events. Because right now we are only meeting each other at rallies and
benefit shows. A social event like potlucks, unity gatherings so people can get to know each
other, make friends, and not only meet at political events.
-We need to organize study groups where there are weekly political education classes with open
-We need to have an emergency phone tree. Where we can car pool to have court solidarity, or
if someone is arrested we can immediately follow with jail support.
-We need to plan more events in the streets and in venues, with bands, speakers and
Form collectives and organizations on school grounds and in our own communities.
-We need to network with other groups on a global level.


Former Political Prisoners:
Danae Kelly, Robert
Middaugh (Ruckus),Matt
Lamont (Rampage), TACO, and
Peter Young.
Speakers & Poets:
Bloodhound, Dele,
Ralf Camacho, Obi,
Jackie Joice.
Table set up by:
Anti Racist Action, Cop Watch, Mass Media Distro, New Eden Records,
Animal Liberation Press Office, People Against Racist Terror.
Event Host - Joaquin and Reyna from Revolutionary Autonomous Communities.

First 50 people at the door gets free CD's, shirts, magazines, and
posters donated by sponsors-
APEX Union, Beyond the Wall of Injustice zine, Black Riders Liberation Party presents:
Jackie Joice.
Click here to check out the photos from this event