Lisrten to the Animal Liberation song by
Socialized Crucifixion (Must have Real Player)
Our band formed in late 2004 in Southern California when bassist, Manny and drummer, Roy asked Jeannette (vocals)
and original guitarist, Manuel to join the band. This original line up lasted only about four months, playing few shows,
before Manuel dropped out and our good friend Manda (now guitarist) offered to fill his spot. Previous to Manda joining
the band, our views and beliefs weren’t too solid and we weren’t all on the same page when it came to where we each
stood “politically”. Once she joined the band, we formed and strong bond which really helped us to focus on our goals
and the direction in which we wanted to take our band.

 Ever since, we’ve been working on addressing several issues and ideals through our band such as veganism. Being
that we’re all vegan, we feel that it is our responsibility to speak out for the voiceless. We all chose a vegan lifestyle as a
result of our anger towards the unheard injustices of the meat and dairy industry, vivisection and animal testing labs,
circuses, fur farms, hunting, domestic animal abuse and any other animal torturing sick fucks. Ethics played the biggest
part in our decision to change our whole lifestyle around and switch to a complete vegan diet. We also came quick to
realize that the mass production of animals also poses a significant threat to the human race as well. There are also
health factors involved with the consumption of meat and dairy products such as osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer,
obesity, high cholesterol, and many more. We chose a vegan diet rather than vegetarian because we all realized that by
consuming egg and dairy products we were still supporting the rape, torture, and slaughter of countless animals. We
said fuck that shit. After all, who are we as humans to claim as superior beings?

All of us have always been big on avoiding a consumer lifestyle by resisting and boycotting specific corporations,
advising others to a non-consumer lifestyle as well. After realizing that by drinking and smoking cigarettes we were still
supporting big businesses, supporting drug induced apathy, and ultimately going against our own beliefs. It was then
that we made the decision to be straight-edge, living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. Through our own experiences with
alcohol and drugs we were able to see that drug dealers care about their profits as much as those greedy corporate
bastards did, showing no concern for their victims lives, only their money. Also, it is known that certain drugs, cigarettes,
and alcohol is tested on animals, giving us another reason to resist. In the punk scene, there aren’t too many people
who are straight edge or have even considered breaking their habits as well as stereotypes of being drunk, mindless
teens going through a phase of rebellion. When entering the punk scene, many kids feel pressured in a way, or
obligated to drink, if that’s what they see the other kids doing all around. That is their perception of what punks are
supposed to be doing at shows. Wearing “X’s” on our hands, to us, is an attempt to encourage people to challenge the
norm, as well as give comfort to those who really don’t want to drink and to let those kids know that they are not alone. It’
s really important to not discourage other people’s decisions to use drugs, drink, or smoke but rather encourage and
share the reasons why we choose not to, hopefully giving people motivation to make the change on their own.
Pressuring people and forcing our ideas on them will only make them feel isolated and build a negative relationship
between us and that is not what we want.

Out here in our area there aren’t very many punks with anarchist views. We’ve noticed that over the past couple of
years the punks we did have in our area have burnt out and left the scene, conforming to a regular lifestyle again. When
we question why these people left the scene, we find that the main reasons might be that they feel punk has lost its
meaning. Whether punk to them meant drinking, the fashion, rebelling simply for the sake of rebellion, or truly wanting
social change and just seeing no progress. Punk has become so diluted. People go to the shows and don’t listen to the
music and the message these bands are trying to send out. People buy CD’s or records and don’t even read the lyrics,
so how do we expect to make any change when the passion that was once there has been lost?? As a band, we want to
bring passion and anger to people to bring about change and spread our ideas.

 Our music style has progressed throughout our short time playing together. We try not to stick to one certain sound
when we write our music. It varies from hopeful sounds that speak of the successes of anarchism to angry fast paced
heart pounding songs with growling female and male vocals, distorted bass, powerful guitar riffs, and continuous hard
drum beats, all saying “fuck you” to sweatshop labor, government, human suffrage and forms of oppression. We will be
releasing a 5 song 7” record on NEW EDEN RECORDS (a vegan-straight edge label) in spring 2006 featuring 3 newly
recorded songs as well as 2 re-recorded tracks from our first self-released full length CD “Our Rise Is Your Fall”.

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