Solidarity Fest photo credit goes to Mardavi, Mars, Black August, Nica, david, Carmelo and Raysuli.  
Hello, and welcome to the Solidarity Fest. This Solidarity Fest was organized by punk rockers, riot
grrrl L.A., and anarchists.  

The reasoning behind our event:  Shareef Abdullah passed away earlier this year, so the
Solidarity Fest is a tribute show and commemoration to the Los Angeles Black Panther Party and
to Shareef.  Many people may not be aware of this, but we have had a strong and on going
friendship with the Black Panther Party for over 20 years, and have organized and shared activist
activities throughout this time together.

Solidarity Fest wishes to pay a tribute to our friends Elder (Ronald) Freeman, Wayne Pharr,
Roland Freeman.  They have as well unfortunately for the community, passed away last year.  
Some people might have heard them speak at the Anarchist Conference or at one or L.A.
Anarchist Bookfairs.  

This is our way of saying “thank you” for the friendship and the time we have shared amongst
each other.  If you have never heard of these original members of the L.A. Panthers, you can
check out the documentary film; 41st and Central The Untold Story of the L.A. Black Panthers, by
Gregory Everett.   Wayne Pharr had put out a book entitled; Nine Lives of a Black Panther: A
Story of Survival.  

The idea behind the themes in the Solidarity Fest: Solidarity Fest as an idea was inspired by the
activism in the 60's to the 70's, namely by the Black Panther Party.  If you study the history of the
original Black Panther Party, you will easily see they were amazing organizers in there community,
and had a variety of programs that supported the people.  They even started the Rainbow
Coalition, and worked with all people of color.  The movement also expanded to be an
international organization, and linked the struggle to all oppressed people.  This is where the
slogan "All Power to the People" came from.   The original Black Panther Party was not racist.  If
you read the book; To Die for the People, written by Huey P. Newton (one of the original
founders), he explains clearly why it is important to support the Gay Liberation and Women's
Liberation Movement.  Many similar rallies like Solidarity Fest were organized in the 60's and 70's
with different generations of people in participation.  It was powerful, due to the art, music, poetry,
speakers, street protests, and more that were involved.  This is what united everyone together,
each with their contributions and talents. This conglomeration of activist organizations was carried
into the mid 90's.

There have been countless Solidarity Fests going on over several years in places like Orange
County, to Los Angeles, Ventura, and even in Arizona- organized by Contravene.  The Solidarity
Fests always had workshops, speakers, and bands included.

Many friendships have been established, and many brilliant ideas have been expressed. These
have been great times in meeting new friends and networking, please take the opportunity to do
the same here today.  We are also celebrating this legacy today. Please do not go home empty
handed, pick up some interesting and thought provoking zines, some flyers, books, and show your
support of Do-It-Yourself distros.

Read, study, open up your mind, organize, make the first move, and go out there and change the
world and have fun while doing it!

Dare to Struggle, and Dare to Win.
- Resist and Exist
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