This funny interview was done by Marvin from the Varukers.

The Varukers have a EP out from few years ago called "Nothing Changed". What kind of change would you like to
see in Punk Rock?

We would like to see all the punk rockers change their socks and pants at least monthly,and see more punk
bands knighted or put on the Royalty list so as we can attend huge banquets with Her Royal Highness(English
sarah that is...)

What's the best and the worst thing about touring the country?

The best thing about touring the US is the shows/punks...we have a lot of friends over there who'm we have
known for time, and it's getting like a home from home to us...the CA shows are ALLWAYS mental and well
attended very enthusiastically.  Worst thing about the States is the fucking customs..they don't like the fact that
we are all drug addled criminals, so entry can be quite a problem.  Some of us can't attend Invasion as we've
recently got out of jail and know customs would send us packing back to Blighty

On your old CD "One Struggle One Fight" you have a song called Protect not Dissect. Here in America a lot of
high school kids have to dissect frogs in Life Science class. What action could kids take if they do not wish to

Firstly, we recommend that the kids voice their objections in a coherrant, plausible context.Failing that, throwing
the fucking things at the teacher and/or expressing an interest in dissecting a human child (preferrably theirs)
would be a good thing.  
< site for students who do not wish to dissect:>

The Varukers organized a memorial benefit concert for Stig from Icons of Filth.  Why was he so important in the
punk community?

Not only was Stig and old friend,but he was an avid believer in the punk scene. His lyrics and attitude were an
inspiration to us on a punk and friendship level.  He never asked for any reward in return for his toils, so we
thought it would be fitting to give something back to his children.Stig R.I.P. Brother(Co-incidentally, he died at an
Icons/Varukers squat gig in London)

Any new projects that the
Varukers are working on?
Yes, Rat is in a project band from Stoke called Discharge who allegedly sound like Varukers. Biff plays in the
awesome Sick On The Bus and Jackoffs...Marvin and Sean play in the ultra-heavey MYWAR... see y'all real