October 24th, 2009
January 24th, 2010
February 28th, 2010
Some of the events I've organized:
(not every event got listed)
(click on the __ link to see the pics)
2004 Profane Existence Benefit show
2005 Benefit gig for Stig (RIP)_Click
2005 Anarchist Gathering_Click
2005 Anarcho Punk Fest_Click
2006 Anarcho Fest_Click
2006 D.I.Y. Fest_Click
2006 International Women's Day Event_Click
2007 D.I.Y. Fest_Click
2007 Rock Against Racism (with Ralf)_Click
2008 Free the Black Riders 3_Click
2009 Liberation Fall_Click
2010 Anarchist Cafe_Click

Events organized with friends and collectives:
1992 Anarchist Gathering_Click
1995 Anarchist Conference_Click
2000 Anarchist Conference (DNC)
2007 Southern California Anarchist
2008 L.A. Anarchist Bookfair_Click
2009 Anarchist Conference_Click
2010 L.A. Anarchist Bookfair_Click
2011 L.A. Anarchist Bookfair  Click
All these videos below are from 90's on

~1992 O.C. Peace Punk show Click Here
~1992 Long Beach Anarchist Gathering  Click Here
~Anarchist Conference Play in 1995  Click Here
~1996 or 97 All Power to the People Click Here
~International Women's Day in South-Central L.A.  Click
~O.C. International Women's Day Event  Click Here
~Winter Solidarity Festival  Click Here
~1999 Solidarity Fest/West Coast Food Not Bombs
Click Here
~We were on the local news - All Power to the People Click
Video interviews from 2010;
~Charles "Boko" Freeman / Black Panther Party.  Boko was in the Black Panther
Party in 1969. In this short interview he talks about the Party, his art work and
Click here to watch the video
~Shareef Abdullah / New Panther Vanguard Movement / Black Panther Party.  
This interview took place at Southern California Library of Social Studies - 44th
anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party. Recorded on October
16th, 2010
Click Here to watch the video
~Animal Rights Lawyer / This is Matthew Strugar Civil Rights & Animal Rights
Click here to watch the video
~Vegetarian Black Panther Party / Michael D McCarty.  Michael was in the Chicago
Black Panther Party in the late 60's who worked with Fred Hampton
Click here   
~Activist Lawyer  Kwaku B. Duren used to be involved with the Black Panther Party
in the 70's
Click here to watch the video
~Registered Vegan Dietitian Matthew Ruscigno, MPH, RD.  This interview with Matt
took place at the Crucial Vegan Friendship Picnic 2. Recorded at Elysian Park in  
Los Angeles on Sunday, March 28, 2010.   
Click here to watch the video
*2007 Beyond The Wall of Injustice Radio show (MP3 Files).
Local News, Interview with Community Organizers, original Black Panther
Party members, Community In Support of the Gang Truce, rare 80's Peace
Punk Music compilation, Interview with Punk Rock artist: Jello Biafra, DIRT
(UK), Broken Bones (UK), Colin and John from Conflict (UK),
Final Warning, Phobia, 7 Generations  & more
Click Here
*2006 Online Zine on Health, DIY, Yoga,
Bicycling (pdf file), Los Angeles Scene Report,
 Interview with Vegan Body Builder Robert
Cheeke, Interview with Artist Mark Vallen, Los
Angeles Vegan Restaurant and Health Food
Store reviews and more...

Interview with Vegetarian Punk Rock bands:
Vice Squad, GBH, Broken Bones, Varukers,
Resilience, AntiSect, Icons of Filth, Total
Chaos, and  more.
Click Here

*Resist and Exist - Anarcho / Peace Punk band from L.A.  Click Here
Coming soon - New Resist and Exist 2012 web site with the latest     
band updates from 2011
       Anarcho Cafe 2012
Southern California
Anarcho Punk Fest Tour
Jan 28th - 30th, 2011
San Diego, Los Angeles & Orange County
(early) AntiSect live - Click here to listen
Crucifix live 1984 in U.K. touring with AntiSect - Click here
AntiSect live at Leeds 1986 - Click here to listen
Iconoclast (80's L.A. Peace Punk Band) - Live set
A State of Mind (80's SF Peace Punk band) - Live Set
80's (protest Punk) Shock Battalion KPFK Radio show by Mark Vallen  Part 1      Part 2
COMING SOON on Saturday, April 28th, 2012 - "ANARCHO PUNK FEST !   And ANARCHIST GATHERING (free) this summer in L.A.
February 26th, 2012 ~ Thank you everyone for supporting at Anarcho Cafe at the Library.  Check back to here couple weeks later for
more upcoming events and festivals.  
Film: Anarcho Cafe at the Library recorded Saturday, February 25th, 2012. Click here to watch the video.

  I got a new flip camera and have been making D.I.Y. documentary videos.  Check them out on my youtube account.  
~Film: RAC 4 Year Anniversary Celebration; Nov 14th, 2011 at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles at the Revolutionary Autonomous
Communities 4 year Celebration - . Every Sunday, rain or shine RAC organize to distribute vegetables, fruits, bread, beans and rice to
community members, and in doing so, work for survival and sustainability of our communities and build up our autonomous network.
Click Here to watch the video
~Film: Anarcho Punks in Mexico City; Recorded in Mexico City on November 6th, 2011. Click Here to watch the video
~Film: Anarchy in Guadalajara; I made this D.I.Y. video during Resist and Exist + Fallas Del Sistema tour on November 5th 2011 in     
Guadalajara: Anarchist Community Center, interviews, panels, Food Not Bombs, RASH (Red Anarchist Skinheads), Workshops,           
Vegan Food, and more..
Click Here to watch the video
~Film: Action for Animals Benefit Party;Recorded in Pomona on Saturday, October 29th, 2011. This was a kick off party for Southern    
California Chapter for Action for Animals.
Click here to watch the video
~Film: Voices from Occupy L.A.;Recorded on Sunday, September 23rd, 2011 Click Here to watch the video
~Film: 16th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality;Recorded on October 22, 2011 at Mac Arthur Park in L.A. Click Here
Feminist Stripper Zine.  
It's not what you think.  
This zine is sad and
educational.  One of my
best friend made this so I
scanned it and uploaded
Click here to Read
2008 online zine about cool
jobs, dating advice from friends
with vegan restaurant reviews,
college advice by clyde, sex
positive with funny educational  
jokes, tons of hipster fashion
photo shoot with tattoos  . . .
"This is the most dumbest
online zine  you ever made" -
Click Here to Enter
~ Activist Lawyer / Anarchist / Anarcho Punk from Venezuela Rodolfo Montes De Oca.  Click here to watch the video
~ Anarchist / Activist Lawyer Colleen.  Click here to watch the video
~ R.A.C: Gentrification, Anarchism, Community Organizing.  Click here to watch the video
~ Anarchist, Community Organizing School Teacher Ben.  Click here to watch the video
~ Black Panther Party / Roland Freeman join the Black Panther in 1967. He survived the Panther Headquarter shoot out with LAPD. Click
Jang Lee
Photo Blog
Click here

New Wave
Flower Power!

Hi, I'm Clyde
Hello, my name is Clyde.   
Hi, I'm Clyde & I drink tea
I'm Cait & I drink coffee
Are you that bored?  Check out some of my video interviews on my youtube
channel from 2011;
~Animal Rights Lawyer ~ Shannen Keith
Click here to watch the video
~Interview with Jenny & Michael / Animal Liberation Forum (infiltration in the         
Click here to wacth the video
~Iraq Veterans Against the War / Kevin Baker Click here to watch the video