Between you and I stands a wall of injustice that can be destroyed if we just open
our minds to each other.  The walls strength is the separation between you and I,
the wall surrounds us, it’s brick are hate.  The wall surrounds us it’s bricks of fear.  
The wall surrounds us and it’s strength is our separation and the creators who are
building this wall, introducing government…  The main bricks of this wall are for
profit like vivisection of animals that’s taking place. The main bricks of this wall are
oppressions, like the world of fear you are forced to face – hypocritical society.  
Hold hands for our freedom, take your life in your own hands – you’re just a piece
of frame work in their society.  Your whole life is in chains and they make profit off
of you.  Your whole life is for their investments.  Work together for our lives.   Don’t
let this greedy destruction go on it’s all for the minority of government to prosper
and in the long run were all paying and the long run has gotten shorter, world
destruction is here!
The government creates all oppression and their strength is our separation
because our separation is internal oppression and we must destroy all oppression!  
Before they destroy us all, work together hold hands and resist!


Another imminent destructive system rides the wave towards vast destruction.   No
one cares despite our rage.  No one listens a world drowning in apathetic sorrow.  If
you let yourself be treated like this the storm grows darker.  We will never change
anything whilst accepting this farce.  Give the bastards more pressure than ever.  
Always back up what you say and our message will never be forgotten.  Our world
does not have to exist this way.  Act Now!  Don’t Stagnate!  The future is on our
hands.  Our voice can change tomorrow if we all work together.  Strive for
organized protest.  Resistance and they have no fuckin choice.  Fight for your
rights, fight the real enemy now!  Again, peace is our alternative not theirs.  Don’t
let them tell you any difference.  The more time we waste bitching and moaning the
more innocent lives are lost.  Stop running!  Stop hiding! Lest correct their
mistakes once and for all.  Oppose all leaders, oppose authority, oppose all power,
let peace and love take affect.  Break down the walls between you and me and
together we can and will create a world of autonomy and peace.  Always think as
an individual, always…


Are you aware of Apartheid taking place on a reservation in big mountain in
Arizona?  All these mutli national energy corporations have schemed to exploit the
Indians land.  21 billion tons of uranium and coal lies beneath this beautiful sacred
land.  They want the Uranium for nuclear weapons to annihilate us all.  The other
valuable resources for their own selfish profits.  This is just another process of
neglecting and raping our mother earth.  And guess what the government is behind
it all.  Oil drilling and refining is destroying the desert ecology and leaving trials of
radiation which pollutes our air and water.  It’s a genocide!  It’s a annihilation!  It’s a
violation of human rights, for the past 500 years the Indian culture has existed on
big mountain forcing them to disappear off the face of the earth.  The Hopi and the
Navajo cannot survive in white mans modern cities they will die of starvation and be
seriously poverty stricken, daily facing racism and death.  This is a total genocide
towards this way of life.  It’s like throwing a young child out in the streets.  Indians
are not adapted to white mans modern cities or society.  Disregarding the
desperate cries for the love of her homeland, these apathetic corporations turn
their back and ignore them.  Many Indians are resisting the relocation to near by
cities and towns.  So far this relocation has done nothing what so ever.  Millions of
your tax dollars are being spent and wasted on relocating the Indians.  The
government is going to send troops to remove the resistors by gun point.  Creating
genocide and bloodshed.  We must together stop apartheid!  We must together
save Big Mt.!  We must together stand for resistance and fight these greedy
bastards off!…Apartheid is a racial separation to maintain white domination,
multinational corporate exploitation, oppression and racism.
More lyrics coming soon...