A.G.C.-Alternative Gathering Collective

My friends and I collaborated on this writing collectively in 2000. Many thanks to Ashley Palafox and Lizette Ruiz for saving these AGC flyers.


Alternative Gathering Collective (AGC) is an independent, non-hierarchical collective dedicated to organizing in punk movement.  We are concerned with the lack of networks, unity, solidarity, and organization within the punk scene.
This results in the huge problem of division which isolates us at shows demonstrations, and gatherings.   We are then unable to support and communicate with each other, unwilling to challenge ourselves and build more alternatives within the DIY community.  Only when we work together can any differences be made in society and our communities. In the future we have plans of working with diverse groups and organizations from different backgrounds.

Some of the goals we are working to accomplish are:
Benefit Events– We plan to put out D.I.Y. shows/gatherings throughout L.A. and O.C. every month, as well as incorporating non-musical activities such as veggie meals, speakers, workshops, panels, films, poets etc.

Fanzine– A good way to document our accomplishments as well as the problems and activities going on in our community and abroad.

Web Site– Another source for local documentation, photos, articles news and contacts.

Carpools– We must create phone trees and e-mail lists for people who can give transportation or need transportation to events and gatherings around L A and O C

Film Nights and Study Groups– We will provide screenings of different films. We also hold open informative discussions of particular topics, and invite other groups and community members to give workshops.

Co-operative Housing– We would like to make LA. and O.C a central environment for the abundance of co-op houses. As rent can be cheaper and work hours minimized, more time can become available for people to focus on organizing for social change.

Promoting Tolerance– Respecting each other despite our beliefs, personal appearances, and other Differences.

Networking & Connecting– Connecting with other groups and subcultures, educating each other building a strong power against all that is unjust.

Connecting the Movement Nationally and Internationally– So that their is a clear understanding of what is going on in other states and countries, helping touring bands find venues and housing, creating a web, thus strengthening the punk movement.

These are just some of our ideas as a collective. We have other ideas and goals such as unity picnics, distributions, pot luck parties. In the long run we wish to open up our own D-Center. If you have any ideas you are more than welcome to come to our open weekly meetings. Get involved, meet new people. You can contact us at: Alternative Gathering Collective.