What was the most stupid pick up line someone used when
you were working?

"You know I'm filming a movie and one of the models I'm
shopping for has the exact body as you can you try these
hot shorts on for me? "

What do you do when you are over worked and have stress
during middle of your shift?
I hide in my office and take off my shoes. I tell my staff that
I'm on an important conference call with Dov. They still
bother me.

I have a friend who keeps getting written up and getting
fired at work do you have any good advice for my friend?

quit your job because you obviously don't like it .. your about
to get fired anyway .. hurry up and find another job you
Any good local hip hop artist we should know about?

underground .... solo artist .. Olmeca ... the best!

I have a friend who just flew in from New York and right
now she is looking for any type of retail job in L. A. and she
does not know this place that well.
Do you have any good suggestions for her?
Tell her to apply at american apparel. it's the funniest retail job ever! especially if you work for
me besides having to get me coffee and washing my car american apparel has great perks!! j/k
I'm the one that buys coffee and lunch for my employees though. I take good care of them. It's
hard to get a fun retail gig in los angeles. American Apparel has got to be one of the funniest
jobs. Dancing around the store, free give aways, and great employee discounts on our
Manager at American Apparel
How long have you been a health food store grocery
manager and what are the cool things you get out of from
your job?

I've been a manager for about 3 years now. Working at a
health food store, obviously gives me easy access to lot's of
healthy foods, organic produce, and supplements, which is
cool. The health food industry also seems to attract all kinds
of creative like minded people like musicians, artists, cooks,
generally cool, laid back people, which are the kind of
people i get along with well.
Lets say a customer is rude to you what are some ways to
deal with it?

If a customer is rude to me, I'll try and keep my cool and try
to still be as nice to them as possible. Some times this works
and other times it will end up getting a little more heated,
and I'll have to end up telling them to go buy their goji
berries somewhere else.

Any good advice on job interview?
Just be relaxed and be yourself. This tends to be easier if
the interview is at a health food store opposed to
somewhere more professional. It's easier to feel
comfortable at an interview where the manager is where
manager is dressed in jeans and a T-shirt instead of a suit.
Oh, and ask questions!

Have you got hit up from your work before?
Im sort of oblivious to this sort of thing. So if i got asked out i probably didn't even notice. But i
certainly haven't been seduced while carrying out groceries to an older ladies car, like in the

Can you give us advice for people who wants to work at a health food store.

I'm sure different advice applies to the type of health food store you apply at. Things may be a
bit different at the more corporate chain stores, but at the independently owned stores (like
VP) i think things may be a little more laid back and more enjoyable. From my experience they
can be a great place to work if you may need time off for an up coming tour with your band or
for some classes you may be taking.
Grocery Manager at Health Food Store
Night Club Security Manager
So I’m at this club and there  isn't any security around. I
witness these guys taking advantage of a girl touching her
in ways that seem inappropriate. What should I do? Is this
any of my business or should I stay out of it?

It is absolutely your business. As human beings, we all have
a responsibility to take care of each other. If someone is
being mistreated, taken advantage of, or treated unfairly,
whether it's in a work, public, or social space, we should
always defend and protect our brothers and sisters.
I just met this girl at a 21 and over club. We had a great
conversation and kissed. We planned a date and later on I
found out that she is underage and used a fake ID to get in.
What should I do?

I would cancel what ever plans you made with that girl
because whether she is 3 years or 3 days away from turning
21, the fact that she lied about her age shows her capacity
to initiate any kind of relationship under false premises.
I have a friend who has a habit of staring at
women’s breasts when he talks to them. What should I do?
Should I interrupt their conversation?

I personally wouldn’t interrupt the conversation. I would hope
that female that he was engaged in conversation with would
be observant and have enough self respect to call attention to
the fact that he was staring at her breasts.  After their
conversation I would confront him and explain that that kind of
objectification of women only serves to reinforce women’s
inferior position in a patriarchal society.
What is the worst pick up line a woman has ever used on you?

“I know I’ve only been talking to you for couple of hours but I believe in faith and destiny.Last
week I was in a thrift store and something compelled me to try on a beautiful vintage wedding
dress. At the time I thought it was silly to purchase a wedding dress but it was a perfect fit so I
bought it. And now after meeting you I realize we where meant to get married and be together”.
To further prove her point she told me the story of how her parents got married on the same day
they met and were still happily married. Till this day.  Then she said she could go home, get the
dress, a few belongings and would come back within an hour. If I was willing, we should drive
straight to Las Vegas and get married.  

My friend is looking for a job as a security at a night club. Can you give him any advice? Where
should he begin searching?

I would let him know that in today’s lawsuit-prone society, size and intimidation are not as
important as communication, diffusion, and preventative skills.
As far as him getting a job working security, tell him to come see me at Boardners in Hollywood.
How did you start selling houses without going to college?

I started as an assistant to a top producing Realtor when I
was 17. I didn’t sell houses but I learned the ropes from the
inside. Then I went to Art Center and spent some time
taking subjects I enjoyed and also took about a dozen
classes revolving around real estate at East Los Angeles
College, and then I got my real estate agent license.
Who started gentrification? Was it artists, hipsters, or college students?

Well gentrification is the ideal that the new middle class moving in to low income neighborhoods
is a bad thing. It’s a load of shit. I could write a novel on this topic. What it does remind me of
though, is when you have that hipster who thinks they have the greatest band that nobody
has ever heard of, until they get written up in Vice or the LA Weekly . And then it’s like, oh
those guys were so good before they went all trendy / commercial / sold out…
As to who started gentrification, I’d say the pilgrims. Probably that bastard on the front of the
front of the quaker oats canister.
What’s your opinion on gentrification? What’s good and what’
s bad?

Are you trying to get my hipster clients mad at me?
Gentrification is just one phase of a city. Neighborhoods aren’
t static, they change as different types of people of all walks
of life move in and out it’s part of a cities lifecycle. At first
there is the center and people live and work there and then
they make their way away from the center for a variety of
reasons, it gets too crowded, or for cheaper prices on the outlying regions, follow the jobs, etc.
Then eventually it all comes back to where it began in the center again. From the root to the fruit!
The good would be that the new residents pay more in taxes benefiting city services everything
from trash pickup to pothole repairs to outreach services, women shelters, and public art.

The bad is when the new residents start trying to dramatically change things by bringing in big
chain stores and they starve out the old charming places. Like Amoeba records, they came in and
we were like great, then about a dozen other smaller independent shops got starved out later
that year.

For example these people downtown moved in by a landmark nightclub and then no more that 6
months later rallied to close it. I mean come on you moved in to be near these things. But then
again if you have that shady burger stand with a “C” on the window down the street, maybe it’s
time you get an In-n-out.
What’s the coolest thing about your job?

I’d say the people; I get to meet a lot of people, which is
cool. But I get to really get to know them, and that’s the part
I enjoy.

I have a friend who was in jail for many years for bank
robbery and he needs a job really bad but it's hard for him
because they do background check. Do you have any good
suggestions for him?
Well I believe there is a job for everyone that they’d be happy doing. If I were him, I’d try
becoming a consultant for films about bank robberies, or work in film industry in general. Of
course eventually I’d sell my story, or write a series of novels, but hey that’s me. Different
strokes for different folks.

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