Real Food Daily (Organic Vegan Cuisine)
514 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401  (310) 451-7544
Stephanie order the TV Dinner which is Tempeh vegetable loaf and it
comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, and vegetables.  $12.50

Whats your opinion on guys who wants to make out on the first date?

I may think he's not into me or i may like him even more without a kiss
but there should definetly be some form of affection like cuddling or
holding hands. It all just depends on what a date entails. Honestly i
am more interested in sharing good times on a really fun and
intellectual level than just a bunch of making out. Physical attraction is
so easy to feed into but bores me with no substance.
So lets say we are on a date and I ran out of stuff to say what do I do?

Enjoy the moment. Maybe cuddle or make out. A date (which I hate the term and such pressure
yuck) should just be a fun time.
What kind of guys do you like?

Different types. I'm way into guys who are into good rock n' roll and
love art and horror flicks and being funny drives me wild!! Give me
funny or give me death!! I'm actually just waiting to find a guy who
likes me for being me and is open minded. I'm open to dating guys
who are just genuinely cool people. If someone isn't into all the same
stuff I'm into there's the chance i could learn new things about life and

How did you become so popular?
Dude! I dunno..u tell me. This phone just doesn't stop ringing and my
mailbox is always full..(of bills) . What can i say.( I owe a lot of people

Any advice on people who are shy?

Shy, just smile and be very sweet. That's what I do so even though I
feel shy at times I'm approachable thru kindness. What does this have
to do with food?? I'm very confused here. Not that u asked but..Real
food daily is delicious and so is scoops!! EAT IT!!!!

Scoops, 712 N Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90029.  (323) 906-2649
They have couple different vegan ice cream for $2.00
Truly Vegan 5907 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood Ca. 90028. (323)466-7958
Bill had Fried Bananas and Pad Thai with soy chicken.

So what are your days and hours at work and your hours at school.  How
do you make enough time to study or do homework?

I work 5 days a week (4am-12pm) and go to school at night and on my
off days. You may think that my plate is too full, but not to worry.
Ladies, there is always time to spare. Homework? I'm in graduate
school for art, aka bullshit central. Enough said.

What do you talk about on first date?
I don't like to tackle the meaningless of life right away. I start out with
the trivial stuff: common interests in music, film, literature, etc. After
about half an hour of this kind of talk the meaningless of life becomes
self-apparent. Then my female companion and I share the common
ground of despair. We celebrate how "god(s)" has (have) shit on our
world and then committed ritual hipster suicide. This leaves us free to
talk about whatever we choose and to care less what the other
person thinks of us. This plants the first seed for love.

Is it a good idea to talk about your ex?  Why or why not?
Never talk about the ex. The ex is dead to you. If the ex isn't dead to you, why the fuck are
you on a date with someone else?

How long have  you been a vegetarian and what was the reason?

I've been a vegetarian for about 6 years. Why? Watch this movie called "Ravenous". You'll
immediately know what I'm talking about. What better way to shape your life than according
to a cannibal movie set around the Mexican-American war.

Whats your favorite food here and Whats your favorite place to eat in out in Los Angeles?

The crispy soy chicken plate is delicious. It includes broccoli and cauliflower along with brown
rice or grilled potatoes. I always have the Thai iced tea. My favorite L.A. eatery is Paru's, a
vegetarian southern Indian establishment on Sunset. It has both indoor and outdoor options
and I consider it to be a very romantic environment. I don't really know what that means, but
you should check it out anyway.
Koffea (Korean Coffee House) 610 S. Berendo St. Los Angeles, Ca
90005.  (213) 427 1441

Tell me about your last date here? Cos i never heard of reading a book
on a date.

Not sure if I would classify my outing at Koffea a date. However,
reading a book on a date, what a novel idea. That would be a nice
change. Gives you both something interesting to talk about instead
of the usual 21 questions.

Green Leaves Vegan, 1769 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027
Anahi had Chicken Satay (with cucumber salad) $6.55 and Spring Rolls
(fresh vegetables wrap in noodle skin)  $4.95

What are some good topics to talk about on your first date?

Good topics? Geez. This is why I don't date. You know the usual: How
many kids you want? When do you want to get married? Do you do
drugs? Do you have a close relationship with Jesus? Do you have a
problem with monogomy?

What do you do for living? And what do you do in your spare time?
Now I feel like this is a "date". I'm an actress, model, dancer, singer,
hustler and sometimes a cocktail waitress. When I find spare time I am:
dancing, singing, running, push-ups, listening to music, movies, reading,
spending quality time with my friends, and educating myself outside an
institution. Oh, and eating, I like me some good eatin'.

How often do you eat veggie food? Whats your favorite menu here?

Though not a vegan and probably will never be... I'm a fan of spring
rolls. Actually I pretty much enjoy anything on the menu. Inexpensive,
healthy, and tasty. I feel much better about the world eating at a joint
like this than spending $12 on one alcoholic beverage (like I did last
So who are you gonna vote for this years election on November?

I'm not telling.
Pho Cafe, Vietnamese Home Cooking
2841 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90026.
(213)413-0888 (some veggie food on the menu)
Tricia had Pho Chay vegetarian rice noodle soup $7.50 and
Goi Cuon Chay vegetarian spring rolls $4.95

So what degree do you have and what are you doing for
work now?
I have a B.A. in fine art with a minor in Jewish studies. I currently work
as a waitress at a vegetarian restaurant.

Why aren’t you using your degree for a job?

I don’t want to. I don’t want to be stuck a 9-5 job, I don’t want a
career. I want my freedom. I didn’t get an education to get a job, I got
an education for self-fulfillment.

I have a guy friend, a really good guy, but he has a habit of staring at
women’s breast when he talks to them. What should I do? Should I
interrupt their conversation?
Don’t do anything. There’s nothing wrong with staring at a woman’s breasts. (Bad advice - Ed)

I get really nervous about asking women out. How do I overcome this fear?

There’s no way to overcome your fears. Just become as confident as possible.

Does voting change anything?

Change comes from communities coming together and from oneself. If you can change yourself,
you can motivate others to change as well.
Flore (Organic Vegan Eatry), 3818 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles,
CA 90026.  (323) 953-0611
Christine had Tempeh Bacon Mushroom Pizza $11.95 and
Southwestern Seitan Quesadilla $7.75 and a cheese cake.

So what do you do for a living?

I’m a receptionist at a law firm.
How long have you been a vegetarian and how did you get into it?

I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years (for 16 of those years I’ve been
vegan.) I became vegetarian when I started reading about animal
abuse and then I saw some video footage of a slaughterhouse. From
then on I could not eat meat.  

What’s the most classless thing a guy can do on a date?

Honking the horn for me to come out instead of knocking on the door if
he comes to pick me up or worse, telling me to wait outside until he
shows up; talking only about himself and never trying to engage me in
any conversation other than about him; farting.
If a person has a date with someone but is totally broke what
should that person do?

You don’t have to have money to go out on a date. You should
be able to explain the situation and plans could easily be made
to hang out and do things that don’t cost any money like going
for a hike, listening to music, cooking and eating in, going to an
art opening, etc. If the person’s cool everything should be fine.
If not, that person’s lame, and why would you want to spend
time with someone like that anyway?
All my friends have careers and I don’t. What do I do?

Well, if you want a career, school might be an option or you could start your own business. It’s
never too late to go to school, even if you’re in you 40s or 50s. Personally, I don’t think having
a career is that important. Life can be fulfilling even without a career. You can do things to
make a living while still having a passion for life in other ways. You only need so much money;
the rest is gravy.
Pure Luck 707 N. Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90029
Tel.  (323) 660-5993
Hanna had a vegan Burrito $9 and a cup of vegan soup $3

What do you do for living?

Commercials, print work (modeling), freelance makeup artist
and I'm a personal assistant to a fashion designer.
What college degree do you have and are you using it for your career?

I have BFA (Bachelor's of Fine Arts) degree majoring in fashion design.  I will be using the BFA in
the future when I create my fashion line.  But for now it's collecting fairy dust.

I have a date tomorrow with a model.  I have no car, no job and I'm broke.  What do I do?

Show her a good time by getting into her pants.  But if that doesn't work, I say just be yourself
and have fun.  Fun! Fun! Fun!
 (Your crazy -Editor)
How was it like going to Otis College?

It was an experience.  An unforgettable one, long hours, everyday 8am -
5pm averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a day, that if I wasn't doing all
nighters.  If you're seen bravo's "project runway", it's 500 times more
intense.  Just imagine all that work for all your 5 classes you have.  More
times than none it was extreme amount of work.  It made me more
disciplined and a hard worker.  The most great part about Otis fashion
dept was being able to work with professional designers your 3rd and
4th year.  Working for"Sean-John" and Gamepro" was so super-duper.
If I could would I do it again?  Go to Otis fashion program?  
No, but they do know what they're doing there.  I do recommend it if you are really serious
about persuing fashion.

Discribe a perfect world?

Everyone loving themselves for who they are.  Not the "love" a lot of people talk about.  Love
where you are forgiving of yourself, patient with yourself for not being perfect and being honest
with yourself.  Because then everyone can experience life and god in everything.