I had sex with my girlfriend and I was supposed to pull out, but I came
inside her and it’s been three days. I’m worried. What do I do?

What!? You should tell her right away! Buy her a pregnancy test and
do the test together. Be supportive and try not to freak her out.
Apologize, and use a condom next time.

I was making out with my girlfriend and I accidentally called her by my ex’
s name. She didn’t say anything. What do I do the next day? Do I
apologize to her or do I pretend nothing happened?

If she doesn’t say anything just keep your mouth shut. If she’s upset,
she should speak up.
I’m dating a feminist woman and I want to try something different in bed. I want to watch porn
while having sex. How would I bring this up?

Just because you’re a feminist doesn’t mean you’re against porn. Talk to her. She might be into

I just got into this relationship, and I really want to have phone sex but I don’t want to seem creepy
or perverted. Any suggestions?

Perverted is ok, creepy is not. Unless she likes creepy, but my guess is that creepy is a turn off
for most people. Phone sex is totally ok. She shouldn’t be freaked out by it, but if she’s kind of
prude, maybe you should rethink whether she’s really right for you. Sex should be hot.

I’ve always had bisexual tendencies and I want to bring a guy into me and my girlfriend’s bed. How
do I explain this to her without shocking her?

If she doesn’t know you’re bisexual, you might not be able to prevent shocking her, but you can
still be sensitive to her feelings. Bring it up gently, don’t make demands. You don’t want to
make her feel inadequate or in any way unloved. Reassure her. Talk for as long as she needs
to talk about it. Just know that once the issue is broached, you may have quite a situation on
your hands. But who knows? Maybe she’ll be totally into it.
I have a friend who’s in his late 20s. He’s still a virgin and he’s addicted
to porn. He doesn’t know the difference between fantasy & reality and he’
s afraid of women. How do I help him?

It sucks to be him. I don’t think you can really compare the outside
world to porn. He should give up the porn and stick to reality.

Do you find strip clubs to be sexist and exploitational?

No, no one’s forcing them to do that. They can manipulate their
bodies to pay rent, make their car payments, or buy heroin. I don’t
think it’s fucked up at all.
Me and my girlfriend always have boring sex. I don’t want to degrade her, but I want to cum in
her face. How do I tell her without degrading her?
(Guys who likes to do that should cum on their
own face. - editor)

“Baby, I want to cum in your face.” (not romantic. -editor)

What ‘s the difference between having sex with a meat eater and a vegan?

I don’t stick my dick in slaughterhouses. (oh my gosh that should be a song lol - editor)

What’re some good energy foods for sex?

Chocolate Enriched Soy Dream.
Christine.  Age 36   
Greg.  Age 36

I’ve been in a relationship for a few years, but our sex life’s been kind of boring and I want to bring
in a third party. How do I bring that up?

You don’t bring it up! It’s a bad idea. It’s a way to ruin a relationship completely.

My girlfriend constantly wants me to go down on her, but she has a bad odor down there. What’s a
nice way to tell her?

Don’t say anything. Instead encourage her to eat lots of pineapple. It’ll make her smell and
taste sweet down there.

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Uhhh…Anal sex, followed by oral, then ballcuzzi. I like to be degraded in bed, spat on, spanked
really hard, and of course gagged and bound.
(ewww! -  Editor)
Do you find porn sexist and exploitational?

No,  not at all.  I find it to be incredibly hot and liberating. In fact I’ve
recently made a porn with my partner.  I consider myself an
exhibitionist and voyeur in many ways.  I don’t think there is anything
wrong with sex or sex on film for that matter.

I have a friend who always cheats on his partner, and they’re both
friends of mine. Do I tell her or stay out of it?

Yes! You should say something.  That is if you value your friend at all.  
Cheating blatantly translates into lack of respect for your partner.  

I’m 100% against cheating on any level.  I’ve always tried to give the
best of myself to my partner and I would hope that they feel that I
deserve the best of what they have to give of themselves to me
Tricia.  Age 33
James.  Age 36
I can't make my girlfriend cum. What can I do?

There are a few things to take into consideration if this situation
happens repeatedly. Talk to her. Communication is the best way. Ask
her what her fantasies are. Find out what "turns her on". Maybe it is
something else that is deeper rooted such as a past experience that
was not pleasant for her. People are different in so many ways and it
could be a variety of issues causing this problem. Or it could be you.
Maybe if you two discussed your fantasies and what each other
wants then that could help.
Whats your favorite sexual fantasy?

A fantasy of mine would be a real true sexual experience with a woman who was equally as
enthusiastic as I am. It would have to be hours of exploration, uninhibited and intense. Of
course I would give all my attention to her. I would like to try tantra with a like minded woman in
a spiritual sense.

I've been faithful to my girlfriend and never cheated.  When she came back from vacation we had sex
and I was getting painful discharge from my penis. I was tested positive for claumedia at the clinic.
When I confronted my girl she got mad at me and said I cheated on her.  What do I do?

First off it is always a good idea to be honest and up front with the one you are sharing sexual
experiences with. It's always a good idea to be tested for AIDS and other STDs(sexually
transmitted diseases)especially if you're sexually active. My first question is, was this the first
time you encountered this painful discharge? Have you or her both been tested previously to
this current relationship? What about your sexual past and hers before you two met? These are
questions you must first answer. It sounds like this might be from a past relationship OR if what
you say is true, she may have passed it on to you. Always consult with your Physician on these

Whats the difference on going down on a vegetarian and a meat eater?

There are differences and one can tell if they pay attention. It really depends on the person and
their hygiene plus what they eat. Some claim vegetarian lovers taste better during oral sex.
Others claim male sperm taste better if they drink a lot of pineapple juice. Some have said meat
eaters smell re pungent. Sounds like urban legend but some have claimed this to be true. What
is true is that the food we ingest does circulate through our bloodstream and bodies. We sweat
during sex and it is a workout, all that energy expels scents and food through our pores of our
skin. Carnivores will then naturally smell of what they eat. Perfumes and deodorant are then
used to hide that. Also impotence stems from clogged arteries and it naturally points to a bad
diet in meats and bad foods. I think vegetarians and vegans have more energy during sexual
intercourse maybe even more stamina. From experience I can say vegetarian and vegan women
make the best lovers!

I want to get more educated on sex. Any good books recommend reading?

One of the best books written on the subject in modern times is by Alex Comfort called "The Joy
of Sex". Recommended reading. Also for a more spiritual avenue try The Illustrated Kama Sutra :
Ananga-Ranga and Perfumed Garden - The Classic Eastern Love Texts by Richard F. Burton.
Tantra is also another more in depth sexual spiritual rituals.
Cameron.  Age 29   
My friend is sleeping with this guy and there is a rumor going around
that he has HIV.  What do I do?  Do I confront him or do I warn my

I think you should warn your friend first because you can directly
impact them quick.

I’m doing Doggystyle position sex with my girlfriend.  We dated for three
months and this is the first time we are having sex.  I really want to
spank her butt, but I don’t want to shock her.  Do I ask her first or just
spank her?  

Just spank her but not too hard.  See how she reacts and if she
doesn’t say stop then go buck wild.  
My boyfriend rarely has sex with me.  He always watches porn on the internet.  What should I do?

Ask him.. What the hell?  What is porn doing for you that I’m not.  Maybe he has fantasies that
he is not opening up to you.  So I suggest asking him what his fantasies are… and then go buck
wild.  Suggest making a porn together if he is into that TV shit.  If he still doesn’t fuck you then I
say dump his ass.

You accidentally farted while you were having sex What do you do?  

Have a laugh and then go buck wild.  It has happened to me many times.  Sex is not a study
group… So loosen up and have fun!
(It happens to you a lot? That is gross Camryn! Don't eat food
that gives you gas before sex  or excuse yourself and go to another room and come back.  - Editor)

How do you stay hard for a long time?

Take breaks, drink water, take vitamins, and say your prayers.  A man’s sex drive is directly
related to his testosterone in my opinion.  There is a certain level of fury involved in sex and
playing power games can make things intense over and over again!
Kevin.  Age 32  
My boyfriend refuses to use a condom.  I’m scared of getting pregnant.
What do I do?

You can tell him either we use condom or you are stuck with my
nagging for atleast 18 years.

I just caught my boyfriend looking at creepy gross  pornography, what do
I do?  Should I tell his parents?
1. Smack him with some barbed wire.  2. Pull his eyes out of his head.  3. Send him to counseling.  
Hell yeah tell his parents, preacher, jehovah witness, priest, etc...

I no longer find my girlfriend sexually attractive.  Women don’t turn me on. What does this mean?

It means you are ready for the priesthood or become celibate.

I am tired of fragile and soft bodies, so I decided to go gay.  My boyfriend and I are about to have sex,
we don’t have any lube.  What do we do?

Rub baby oil all over you and your boyfriend, then create motion in the ocean. (or use saliva. -ed.)

I have this fantasy about talking very sexy and dirty with my partner.  Should I ask first or just do it?

If you wear the pants in the relationship just do it.  If your partner does, still just do it.
Elyse.  Age 21  
I’ve been watching some TV talk shows and they say that pornography
hurts women and children. Don’t you think this is true?

I have a few different opinions on it. I think a womyn should be able
to do whatever she wants with her body. Prostitutes used to be
viewed as goddesses and healers not the trashy womyn you see
walking the streets under the hand of the pimp who claim’s and
beats her. There are several ways that men and womyn whore
themselves out and it's not always with cash in hand. I think when it
comes down to it every person is different. Yes, choosing this line of
work will hurt people around you and it is life threatening but so are
allot of other things. A womyn should own her sexuality and do what
she wants when she wants as long as she is safe about it and
doesn't have 10 kids living on the streets with her. I personally
couldn't do it though.
I have a friend who is really smart and talented but when she gets drunk she ends up in bed with
any guys. I’ve talked to her many times but she does not listen. What should I do about this?

Well, I'm sorry to say there really isn't anything you can do other than express your concern.
People are going to do what they want at the end of the day. Being smart sober really has
nothing to do with this. I'm a strong believer in the fact that alcohol only makes you act out
what you really want right then and there. You're friend may have a rough time one of these
days and hopefully nothing happens to her but she needs to learn on her own. Liking sex isn't
a bad thing. It's the sleeping with people you don't know and being unsafe is the dangerous

My friend slept with this guy who is HIV positive and she is freaking out because she has to wait 6
month to take the test. What kind of support can I give her?

Well, let her know that just because she may have HIV doesn't mean you have AIDS. The best
thing you can do is support her, be there for her and let her know she's not alone. Even if she
has it, it's not the end of her life.

Every time when I’m about to have sex with someone I think about AIDS and HIV after watching
this sex education film and I just cannot do it anymore. Any suggestions?

Well, tell your partner how you feel and they should have no problem going with you to go get
tested (regular & blood work) If they're smart they will like you and respect you more for it. If
they pull the, "Don't you trust me? Yu think I'm a whore" or whatever they're either hiding
something or they're just an idiot and you shouldn't go through with it.

What’s the difference between having a sex with a meat eater and a vegetarian?

Well, veggie and vegans tend to have more energy, endurance; their semen tastes better, and
is more prone to be nymphomaniacs. Meat tends to slow you down because it's such a difficult
process to digest it. Most of the nutrients we get from meat are from what the animal ate which
in most cases the animals we eat are in fact veggies too.  Personally, I can tell the difference
and I prefer the Veggie & vegans.
Eileen.   Age 26
Eventually, though, believe it or not, I got even more prickly and just started asking these
people where they worked and pointed out all the ways in which they too could be considered
total hypocrites if I looked at them they way they were looking at me.

Why do we have to wait 6 month after we had sex to get a HIV test?

I'm no expert on this, but from what I've read, an HIV test can only confirm negative results for
the past six months and a sexually active person with multiple partners should be tested every
six months.

I’m dating this girl who used to do porn and I’m scared to have sex with her. Is this normal?

I would ask this person whether they are dating the girl or the porn star. I mean, are you
scared to sleep with any other girl? You might be a little too focused on this girl's occupation...
maybe that's why you were drawn to her? You did, after all, go into the relationship knowing
this, didn't you? I would tell you to look at her as a real person rather than a fantasy image and
then maybe you won't feel so intimidated. But then again, I might not be the best person to
give advice, because when I was working as a dancer I couldn't have a normal relationship,
because it seemed that guys were only drawn to me temporarily because I was "different" or
"exotic" in some way because of my occupational status...then usually, they would end up
running for the hills when they saw the boring and slightly sad truth of it all. On the flip-side,
guys who were ok with reality (haha) usually didn't want to date me because I couldn't get real
with anybody and I didn't trust anybody while I was dancing.

I’m dating this girl who used to be a hooker so she can get money for college but I just cannot have
sex with her. Is their a future for us?

Are you dating her, or are you just another satisfied customer? Ask yourself this. Come on, be
honest. Ok, I'm totally joking here, because I really don't know what to say.

I’m dating this stripper and I feel weird about it because she showed her body to all the strangers.

Well, I would say that you can only do one of two things. You can either accept your girlfriend's
job and TRULY accept that, yes, a LOT of people get to see her junk on a regular basis and just
be happy that you get to know the real person underneath the makeup and false persona...or
you can go with plan B and break it off before you get too attached. Either way, you HAVE to be
comfortable, and it's not fair to ask her to change her occupation for you. If she feels the need
to quit her job, it will be for her own reasons rather than to please you. And if she DOES do this
just to please you, then I promise, it won't last. I don't say this to be mean, but to be honest
and helpful here. Like I said, you have two options: acceptance or retreat.
Can our relationship be saved?
How can you be a stripper and call yourself a feminist? Aren’t you
exploiting your body?

I got so tired of hearing this question over and over again from
people in the activist community back when I was dancing. At first, I
tried to explain how the only way you could even ask this question is
if you hadn't read any feminist literature post-1975 and immediately
jumped up on my soapbox to explain why sex-workers are NOT the
sex-industry, why this was more of a labor rights issue than
anything, talked about how elitist it sounded to even ask such a
question, and went on to say that these particular closed-minded
"feminists" might as well just jump in bed with right-wing fanatics on
this issue.
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